Goodnight, not goodbye

I have not been writing as often as I should like. I have the time, I have the inspiration, but I just cannot find the resolve to put all the emotions into words.

I am considering packing up this blog and leaving this space indefinitely. I started writing here because I wanted to save feelings for posterity. I started writing here because I wanted to exercise being able to make something out of nothing.

The excitement of a blank page has long become lost on me. I still feel the urge to write but to write them here seems irreverent somehow.

There are memories here I would like to keep as they are. There are some people I want to be remembered as I loved them with my entire being. I don’t want those memories to be tainted because I started writing about someone else. I don’t want love to diminish because I decided to love myself more.

Just as people leave spaces, spaces can leave people too. This “space” has long left me when I went on an entirely different path from what these pages spoke of.

Nevertheless, I will still write pages and pages of stories about us.

A Lesson on Balance

This summer is undoubtedly the most seafaring ever. I’m off to plunge in yet another ocean’s salinated kiss even before I’ve washed off its previous salt lick on my skin.

This is the most I’ve been away. This is the most free I’ve ever been. But what is my body’s freedom when my heart is bound with yours.

Even the ocean knows how much I miss you. Even the ocean knows how heavy my heart is without you.

This must be why I haven’t been able to stand on a wave again.

Spot the Belle and Sebastian Reference

Dear Ferdinand,

Your public antics (while perfectly sober) put my drunken stories to shame. I would like to take credit for bringing out the child in you.  But then again, you jumped into a fountain without my influence and rode the train home with your pants wet from the waist down.

I was wrong about you.

You’re just as wayward as I am.

Yours always,
Wayward girl

I had written about you countless of times but never this way. I never thought I would ever have to. Any attempt to put into words any sliver of thought remotely related to you never translates to paper, to words, to punctuation, or to anything.

Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe time will heal all wounds. Maybe there’s no looking back. Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Other than these clichés (and a healthy set of uncontrollable sobbing), I always come up empty.

I have no words. I still have no words. I wonder when I’ll ever have them.

To Be Continued

I’ve been writing more than ever. I’ve been writing so much, I cannot bring myself to blog anymore. I’m in this phase where I’d rather live my life than write about it. I haven’t done much introspection these days hence, my apparent lack of entries. But I’m happy; happier and content than ever that there is no need for words or reasons.

And it’s all because of this boy.

For once in my life I know how it feels when everything just works. When there is no need for compromise, sacrifices, or forced reprieves.

And with all this, I still have me.

I shall write soon. There are so many things to write about.

Inside Joke

We are across the table like we usually are when we study. Things have been less than peachy lately. I take offense too easily and you do not know how to handle it yet. Nevertheless, our “fights” are less taxing on my heart. I do not feel like having a nervous breakdown at any moment. Maybe I am used to the anxiety, maybe I am less apprehensive, or maybe you are just really patient. Whatever it is, my tearducts are relieved.

You slip a note from across the table. Sprawled in your cursive are the words “discovered”, “excited”, and “together” strung in sentences with your impeccable grammar. I feel my jaw tighten as I tried to bite back a smile.

I do not think I will be crying under a table anytime soon.

Seattle Convention

“To acquire jurisdiction”, in our terms, means more than it does in legal fiction. You had asked this a couple of months ago and I did not know what to say. I was at a point where I enjoyed a certain “stateless” existence. I was the high seas, a pirate, outer space that no one had exclusive control over. Yet I gave in, against all reason, and embraced all that being subject to one’s jurisdiction entailed.

I never want to say I regret it. But sometimes my heart cannot be as strong as I would like it to be.

New Writing Material

The determining factor of my affection is when I start writing about you.  You have crossed that mark ages ago but for the sake of propriety, I chose to delay my pen just as I tried to deter my feelings. Obviously, to no avail.

So here we are.

I have an extensive vocabulary and an imagination I would like to exhaust on you. I will fill these fresh pages until they become tattered and yellow with age.

I’ve never been good with goodbyes or first impressions

I am following Ted’s lead with this very late New Year’s entry (well, technically it’s just in time for Chinese New year but I’m not Chinese). I initially wanted to put my writing on the top shelf as the year started so I can focus on law school but world works in enigmatic ways and I realized that I cannot let go of writing even if I wanted to.

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Shameless plug

Obviously, I’ve been away too long. Between the school work and emotional stuff (yes, I am using this as an excuse!) going on, I don’t have the luxury to get enough sleep let alone have time to write. But I am hoping to change all that.

For the meantime, check out! I am one of their resident food whores! Our editor actually uses the term “food sluts” but I like the archaic feel of “whore” as opposed to the colloquial form, “slut”.:))

For those who may be reading this and may be shaking their heads at my choice of words, well, pun, unintended! *inside joke*

I intend to fill the cyber pages of this blog soon enough.